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Trinity Care  CounselingGal.6:2 

Trinity Care Counseling is dedicated in meeting the goals and needs of our clients. We believe in the principle of treating each client with love and care. Through intervention, education, support, treatment, and God’s help, we can help our client to make improvements in their lives.


Our mission is to promote the spiritual, personal and emotional growth of each and every client with clinical and biblical technique.


To meet the scheduling needs of our clients we offer only scheduled appointments at this time. (817) 456-4565 or E-mail request:

Our Care Counseling Services provides a unique approach to every counseling situation to our clients. Clients come to counseling for various reasons that they need help in resolving. Sometime these personal issues affect the quality of life at home, work, and school. Our Care Counseling services are here to help build and strength our client’s life when times are most difficult.


Relationship Support

Blended family

Couples counseling

Divorce/Separation Adjustment

Pre-martial Counseling


Adolescent Needs

Substance abuse issues

Conflict Resolution

Identity Crisis


Adult Support

Anger/Anxiety solutions

Life Transitional Care

Parental Support



Trinity Care Counseling is proud member of the (NCCA) The National Christian Counselors Association.

Senior Pastor: Dr.T.L.Wise, Ph.D.   Counseling Coordinator: Brenda Chapman,LPCI


4300 Williams Spring Rd Lake Worth , Texas 76135 USA
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Pastor TL Wise, Ph.D.
Sunday Services @11:30am