Trinity Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church

Pastor T.L.Wise, Ph.D

Pastor Tarrenton L. Wise is the Pastor/Founder of Trinity Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, located in the North Fort Worth, Texas area.


Prior to organizing Trinity Fellowship Baptist Church, Pastor T.L. Wise was a staff member at St. John Missionary Baptist Church under the pastoral leadership of Dr. Denny Dwight Davis. During his service at St. John, he served as an assisted to Pastor Davis in officiating multiple services and other ministry programs. He also served as the Youth minister and Youth Pastor for over eight years.


In the Spring of April 2001, while serving in the ministry at St. John Baptist Church, Pastor T.L. Wise felt the calling of the Lord again on is life to start a new work in the south Arlington and Mansfield area. He was inspired by God to step out on faith without any members, money or a building but he knew that God was going to provide.


On January 06, 2002, Trinity Fellowship Baptist Church was organized in Mansfield, Texas at the Willie E. Brown Elementary school. With God’s grace and HIS Mercy, Trinity Fellowship Baptist Church began to grow under the leadership of Pastor Wise, from zero members to 300 members in a 3 year period. With 12 different ministries activities and programs that aided the church body to grow.


In April 2003, Pastor T.L. Wise married his “Pretty Girl” Natasha L. Wise who gave birth to their first child, Mylan E. Wise in September of 2005. He has a strong commitment to family values which is one of the spiritual assents of the church.


On February 05, 2006, under the leadership of Pastor T.L. Wise, Trinity Fellowship Baptist Church, moved into there new church home at 2480 N. 287 Hwy, in Mansfield, Tx. This renovation process took over 11 months to complete and over $250,000.00 dollars to finish. But God made away.


Pastor T.L. Wise is a graduate from Dallas Baptist University and Trinity Valley Baptist Seminary were he holds bachelors of Art in Religion and Criminology Justice and a Mater degree in Theology.


Pastor Wise still remains a focused and passionate leader of God’s people even while continuing his education. During his tenure as pastor of TFBC, he has earned his Ph.D in Christian Counseling from Newburg Theological Seminary in Evansville, Indiana in June 2009.


 He also holds a Masters Peace Officer licenses from the State of Texas were he as been a police officer over 14 years.


Pastor T.L. Wise is also a devoted husband who is supported by his lovely family. (Wife Natasha, Son Mylan, daughter Carrington, and great nephew Donovan Sanders.)



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